Wattle & Daub

Wattle & DaubWattle & Daub is a sequence of poems by Adam Horovitz celebrating the Master’s House in Ledbury, which now houses the town’s library and is part of one of the oldest surviving mediaeval hospital complexes in Britain. It has been released by Herefordshire Libraries and Poetry on Loan as a beautiful concertina leaflet/pamphlet.

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Originally commissioned as part of my year as Herefordshire poet-in-residence (2015-2016), the original brief was to write one poem about the Master’s House, which had just been lovingly restored.

I may have been commissioned to write one poem about the Master’s House, but I ended up being so turned on by the beautiful mediaeval hospital complex it is part of, and the place of libraries and hospitals in the community, that I wrote a whole sequence over a sleepless, obsessive weekend.

I had spent several days visiting the building, and talking to the Friends of the Master’s House and passers by, and the tsunami of information and emotional response that washed over me on these visits worked its way deep into the writing process. I also, in a lovely coincidence, happened upon a Facebook link to an article from the Herefordshire local papers celebrating old county dialect, which has found its way in to the sequence (there is a glossary included in the pamphlet!).

The pamphlet is available to pick up for free at Ledbury Library, but if you would like to read it and are not near Herefordshire, I will gladly send it to you for the token cost of £1.50, which covers p&p and Paypal’s fees (plus a few pence extra to cover my two mile cycle ride to the nearest post box), or £4.50 if you would like it sent abroad.

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