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Here’s a group of links to a selection of my poems published online.

A selection of my poems can be found on Versopolis project’s website. ‘Fire Voices’ is available on And Other Poems. ‘Love Poem Disguised as a Fairy Tale’ can be found at Verse Kraken. I have two poems up on the Writers’ Hub site. ‘Training Run’ can be found in Carol Ann Duffy’s selection of Sporting Poems in the Guardian. I have a poem up on International Times.

Salt’s now sadly defunct Horizon Magazine has ‘Barnum’s Elephant’. This link takes you to an archived page, and does not allow access to the whole magazine, regrettably. Extracts from my 2004 pamphlet Next Year in Jerusalem are available on Open Democracy. There’s a poem of mine, ‘Vanishment’ on Hand + Star

Glastonbury Festival Official Website has a selection of poems from my time as Poet in residence for their 2009 Festival website – these were all written on the days in question and posted at the same time and they are rough and ready as a consequence.

My MySpace page is, I think, now defunct


A satirical poem or two:

And some recordings of poems by others:


A blog on how I write poetry.

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Tony Telford May 29, 2015 at 3:55 pm

Hello Adam, I loved the poem you read out on Cerys Matthews’ programme on Radio 6, and I thought your reading of it was just right. Have been trying to trace it–what’s it called, and is it in print? Really enjoyed the segment of Cerys’s programme with you and your father, thank you very much indeed.

Adam Horovitz June 2, 2015 at 11:35 pm

Thanks, Tony! I’ve emailed you the details, but here’s a link to the pamphlet the poem’s in, Only the Flame Remains

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